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Rider Registration Form

Please download and complete the Rider Registration Form and bring it with you to Three Greys on the day of your first ride with us. We will keep this form on file so you will only have to complete the form once (and not every time you ride).

Electronic copies are not accepted so please bring a printed copy with you. We keep copies of the form on site if you are unable to print this. However, please allow plenty of time before you ride to complete this form as nobody can ride unless they have completed a registration form. 

What is a Rider Registration Form? 
A mandatory document and disclaimer you must complete before participating in any activities on site. It asks for Personal Details, Emergency Contacts, Medical Conditions, Previous Riding History, and for completion of a Disclaimer. Riding is a risk sport; you participate at your own risk. 

Important: Riding is a risk sport - your choice to ride is voluntary. We take all reasonable care to provide suitable and safe horses and ponies for our clients. All animals can be unpredictable. We strongly advise that you take out full personal accident cover. 

Please note: The Three Greys Riding School, Owners and Staff cannot be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss to any persons or their property whilst on these premises or out hacking.

Special Events

Kids School Holiday Activities
3 Greys runs special events for children during all school holidays. Next stable management days are Tuesday 1st June 2021, Wednesday 2nd June 2021, and Thursday 3rd June 2021.
Please contact us for further information.
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